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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” (Degas)

Art and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity that encourage us to reflect critically on the world around us, to share opinion, thought and to express ourselves. At Madani we study a broad range of disciplines delivered by industry practitioners with a focus on Fine Art and Graphic Design working towards producing purposeful, functional, meaningful, high quality outcomes.

Our curriculum is delivered across 5 disciplines to provide a broad experience for all learners – Fine Art, Visual Communications, Photography, Textiles, 3D Art & Design / Architecture, these reflect not only future study but industry sectors with a focus on transferrable skills, nurturing dynamic, innovative, adaptable, problem solvers, communicators and critical thinkers.

In the digital age, Graphic Design provides students with the tools needed to navigate the fast developing future – including the ability to identify an opportunity, from user interface design to entrepreneurial challenges.

Key Stage 3 - enjoy & engage | value & appreciate | connect & fulfil

On arrival, students are exposed to a broad range of work across contexts including historical and contemporary icons of Art and Design, are presented with live briefs, introduced to industry standard technologies, techniques and resources, nurturing learners to confidently and creatively engage with the world through critical examination and innovation.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to embed proficiency in key technical skills, promote high aspirations, mastery of skills. Learners create for and work towards leading a developing future, entrepreneurship and cultivating aims of breaking boundaries, designing and creating with purpose. Over time, pupils develop a cultural and historical appreciation.

Key Stage 4 - identify independently | pursue & challenge | focus & respond

Study within KS4 is designed to build further upon the KS3 curriculum, an opportunity to refine and develop skills, depend knowledge and understanding. Pupils will cultivate a real world understanding, whilst providing a framework for rigorously pursuing personal passions, maintaining a key understanding of the interdisciplinary links with opportunities for independent growth and specialisation, to promote a self-directed pursuit of improvement and study.

Art & Graphics

July 2024


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