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Mathematics means many things in many different areas. In Science, it provides the underpinning for understanding the physical laws of the universe; in engineering, it informs us how new structures and processes can be built to benefit humanity; in finance and accounting, it allows us to see how our energies and resources can be most profitably spent; in data and statistics, it allows us to see trends and patterns in ways that are meaningful, bringing clarity, perspective and wisdom. In everyday life, it allows us to make prudent decisions with regards to our time, our finances and our households.

Mathematics is part of humanity’s quest to understand the physical realm. It is an inherently beautiful system, allowing us to see the connections and relationships that underpin the reality around us.

At Key Stage 3 we build on the foundations laid in primary Mathematics, developing fluency, skills and understanding in the areas of number, proportion, algebra, shape and data. Students learn a variety of mathematical procedures, developing understanding of how mathematical procedures work, including when and why we use them to solve problems, reason mathematically and make conjectures. We focus on vocabulary and oracy, allowing students to reason mathematically.

At Key Stage 4, students build on the foundations laid in Key Stage 3, especially in the areas of algebra crucial to accessing further education and careers. Students synthesise different strands of Mathematics into evolving schema, seeing the links between different topic areas. They learn how to comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms, including a focus on oracy and vocabulary.

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