Can my child cycle to school?

Yes, but all cyclists must dismount and push their bike on site. A number of cycle bays are available for cycles which are on a first come first served basis. Students must lock their bike in the cycle compound.​​

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

No, we strongly believe that the misuse of mobile phones can lead students astray and prevent them from attaining proper ‘taqwa’, a quality which we want all our students to attain, therefore could you please ensure that students do not bring mobiles to school as If your child is caught carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated by a member of staff.

Can my child bring personal possessions to school?

Nothing should be brought to school which could be a danger or nuisance to others or prevent them from learning. We will not accept liability for the loss or damage to personal belongings.​​​​​

Can I bring my child to school by car?

In accordance with the Madani Boys Schools’ Travel Plan, all students are strongly encouraged to either walk, cycle or use public transport to get to and from school. There are bicycle sheds on the site grounds where students can secure their bikes. Parents are requested to avoid using cars to bring students to school for safety reasons and to minimise traffic congestion outside the school premises.

How does Madani Boys School communicate with Parents?

Parents’ Evenings: Parent’s evenings are held once a year, when staff will be available for consultation. Your child will be issued with an attainment report in the course of each term.

If there are matters which concern you regarding your child which you would like to discuss, please contact the school to make an appointment with your child’s form tutor.

Student Planners: Teachers will use the student planners to communicate concerns relating to progress and behaviour.

Text Messages: The school has a system which securely sends text messages direct to parents. Parents will receive a text message if their child is absent from school requesting them to call the school if they have not already done so. We will also send text messages from time to time to inform parents of events, such as review days, notification of parents evening, school closure, etc.

Letters: The school will often send letters home via your child.

Website: The website also has a wealth of information and parents are encouraged to use the website to keep informed of updates, etc.

MCAS: MyChildAtSchool is an online portal that enables parents to view their child’s performance at school in real time. Access is via a web browser or an app (for Android or iOS) and offers visibility of attendance, behaviour, assessment, student reports, letters, important documents and much more. It also provides a School shop front, taking online payments for anything from Trips, Clubs and Meals to Uniforms, Donations and Products. https://www.mychildatschool.com/MCAS/MCSParentLogin

Complaints Procedure

The school will give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them fairly and honestly. To allow for a proper investigation, complaints should be brought to the attention of the school as soon as possible. Any matters raised a month after the date of the event will not be considered.

Complaints linked to teaching should be made to the subject teacher initially. If it is not possible to resolve the complaint informally, a formal complaints procedure is available where the complaint can be put into writing to the Head Teacher and if need be to the Chair of the Governing Body. Details of the Complaints procedure are available from the school.

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