MyChildAtSchool (MCAS)

MyChildAtSchool Parent Portal (MCAS) - Online Parental Engagement

MyChildAtSchool [MCAS] is a portal enabling parent/carers to view their child's academic performance in real-time via a web browser or app. This facility allows exclusive access to the child's Attendance, Assessment and Behaviour whenever the parent/carer wishes. As well as student performance data, the portal also provides general useful information about school such as the Academic Calendar and Announcements.

In summary, MyChildAtSchool provides:

  • Access to real-time Attendance, Assessment and Behavioural data
  • An insight to parents on their child’s schoolwork (homework etc.)
  • Communication facilities to contact the school office and teachers
  • Instant access to Published Reports and Letters

Notice for Parents/Carers

Parents / Carers MUST REGISTER their child to ‘MCAS: My Child at School’ to enable payments for school lunches and trips. Please note Madani Schools Federation is a CASHLESS school and therefore we CANNOT ACCEPT any cash payments.

We will no longer be using the school text system. Other than emergency texts all messages will now be sent via MCAS – My Child At School App.

Please follow the link for details on how to switch on notifications:


The app is available to download from the Apple or Google Play stores for use on iPhones or Android smartphones accordingly. Simply search for and follow the instructions for installation on your phone

When you access the app for the first time you will be required to create a 5-digit PIN and complete the setup by confirming your biometric authentication settings.

Next, enter the details that you have been sent by email and text message, once these have been added, they will be stored securely within the app.

School ID

Madani Girls School – 11932

Madani Boys School – 11931

Once, you have logged in, the dashboard page will be displayed.


All monies will need to be paid under the ‘dinner money’ tab. To make payment a Credit/Debit card will be required.


All Payable items are paid via the products section. Items include Student ID card, Trips, Revision books etc. All Items will be added to the shopping trolley and once ready to make payment select checkout. Please note: A Credit/Debit card will be required to process the transaction.


Your child’s timetable will be in view to see which lessons they have for the day/week.


The Exam Officer of the school will publish the school report via MCAS for the Parent/Carer to view.


Your child’s attendance will be shown on MCAS. This is updated on a regular basis by the pastoral officer.


Your child’s behaviour will be shown on MCAS. This is updated by the pastoral officer.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar shows the dates of normal days, staff only, holiday, school closure, not a school day, not in term, school event.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email;

For more information, please visit or view the parents guide below below:

MCAS Parent Guide

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