At Madani, Educational Excellence is delivered via access to high quality provision and an inspiring curriculum learning journey that is uniquely Ambitious, Broad & balanced and Coherently connected enabling ALL learners to reach their personal excellence performing to their to the best of their ability regardless of their starting points and background.

Our curriculum is ambitious and enables every learner access to powerful knowledge and skills development that is intelligently planned to guide their progression during their time at Madani.

Learners are equipped with the skills, identity, HEART values, character and leadership to contribute to the local community, British society & the world wholeheartedly.

The identity and diversity of our students is a strength, and the school ethos and HEART values foster a love of learning which sparks students’ pursuit of personal excellence. 

Madani’s commitment to educational excellence prepares students to pursue high-quality routes of further study, training & employment and is one of the foundational bottom lines for our curriculum offer.

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’

The Madani curriculum is built on the Heart and Mind model: