Educational Excellence, with Holistic Development and Preparation for Life Beyond Madani, is one of the key pillars of the Madani Schools Federation strategy to provide world-class education and care that enables all learners to reach their potential for personal excellence.  Our curriculum is ambitious and enables every learner access to powerful knowledge and skills development that is intelligently planned to guide their progression over the five years students spend at Madani.  

All learners achieve to the best of their ability regardless of their starting points and background.  The identity and diversity of our students is a strength, and the school ethos and HEART values foster a love of learning which sparks students’ pursuit of personal excellence.  Madani’s commitment to educational excellence prepares students to pursue high-quality routes of further study, training & employment and is the foundation for our curriculum offer. 

The curriculum: 

  • Is uniquely Ambitious, Broad & balanced and Coherently connected (ABC) to aspire beyond the national curriculum 
  • Provides equality of opportunity, meeting the needs of ALL learners to achieve their full potential and personal excellence 
  • Incorporates an intelligent use of assessment that is comprehensive and balanced through a variety of assessments which produce evidence that is used to improve learning formatively and in a summative form to certify, report and evaluate learning 
  • Equips learners with intelligently planned, sequenced, and coherently connected powerful knowledge, to develop their command of each subject and the long-term memory to ‘know more & remember more” 
  • Develops the literacy, oracy, and numeracy skills & abilities of all learners to prepare them for future success and ensure they are able to progress at all stages of their education  
  • Provides learners with opportunities and experiences that meet their individual wider interests and aspirations 
  • Provides learners with high quality and extensive outcomes, relevant qualifications and careers support to boost their employability 
  • Is underpinned by research driven by continuing professional learning with an awareness of the latest research and thinking