Pupils at Madani school enjoy many rights. These include the right to be safe, enjoy and achieve and to make a positive contribution to school life. Madani school maintains a caring approach to children and have a zero-tolerance policy to any form of bullying whether it be physical, verbal, racial, homophobic, sexist or any other type of harassment will not be tolerated.

Our aim

  • To ensure that everyone in the school community understand what bullying is and how the school will deal with incidences of bullying
  • To develop a listening caring ethos at Madani school where any form of bullying is not tolerated and dealt with in the appropriate manner
  • To encourage discussion and not make premature assumptions and to foster a problem-solving approach
  • All staff are aware of the anti-bullying policy
  • Explore issues through the curriculum by PSHE, assemblies and Anti-bullying week
  • Support the bully and the victim in modifying behaviour

Anyone can be the target of bullying. It isn't always a form of physical violence, it can also be targeted towards emotional well-being of a group or individual.

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